Paradiplomatic Affairs (PDA) is an independent agency which was founded — on 24 May 2013 — shortly after Saint René Descartes University (StRDU), an offshoot of the Cesidian Church, had achieved societal nation status — on 9 April 2013. This was some time before the former UMMOA, or United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago was recognised on 26 August 2014 as a political nation. Even though we have always been more open to societal phenomena than most, the world's political bias continued to cloud even our thinking back then, and we assumed that the PDA was an agency of the UMMOA, rather than an independent agency of a government which existed long before the UMMOA party even came into existence. It took the painful realisation that the Cesidian Root is an alien company, more than a micronational, societal, or even truly Cesidian one, to realise that not only the PDA was not an agency of the UMMOA, but that the UMMOA, having origins too tied into the separatist Cesidian Root, deserved to be disbanded, however long and tedious that process might be. The UMMOA, and its Cesidian Root related body, are no longer legally recognised by Paradiplomatic Affairs (PDA). PDA will, however, continue to honour the government bodies which honoured the UMMOA, and especially its founder.

Paradiplomatic Affairs (PDA) is open to genuine professionals who support our societalist philosophy, who can join as Observers; to families, who can join as Observers; to royal families, who can even join PDA as micronations. Finally, PDA is also open to bands, clans, micronations, or unrecognised nations; tribes, microstates, or recognised nations; inhabited localities (parishes, villages, towns, cities, and diaxenospitias); inhabited areas (country subdivisions and dinsystems); and sovereign States (former colonies, developing countries, microstates and advanced countries) and their government bodies.

Paradiplomatic Affairs does not exist to push secession, or any other political value. It exists for less controversial, societalist reasons. PDA is politically neutral, for it does not exist to promote or forward any political policy or change, but only to enable diplomatic and paradiplomatic entities (First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth World entities) to work with each other in a truly open forum.

Paradiplomatic Affairs also issues independent intellectual property instruments such as Print Monopolies, Enterprise Names, Enterprise Marks, and PDA Patents, and is involved in the development of classifications and standards (PDA Categories).

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