Category Abbrev. Type
Age inf Infant (0-3 years old)
Age chd Child (4-13 years old)
Age jnr Junior Adult (14-20 years old)
Age snr Senior Adult (21-121 years old)
Race y Yellow (Far East, Southeast Asia, or the Indian subcontinent)
Race bk Black (Black racial groups of Africa)
Race w White (Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa)
Race bn Brown (Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander)
Race r Red (Original peoples of North and South America)
Race i Indigo (Transracial or Other)
Gender m Male
Gender f Female
Sexual Orientation e heterosexual
Sexual Orientation o homosexual
Sexual Orientation b bisexual (or ambisexual)
Sexual Orientation a asexual
Gender Identity c Cisgender
Gender Identity t Transgender
Relationship Status sg Single
Relationship Status rl Relationship
Relationship Status mr Married
Relationship Status p Poly
Relationship Status wd Widowed
Relationship Status sp Separated
Relationship Status d Divorced
Residential Status ss Solo Single
Residential Status rm Roommate
Residential Status uc Unmarried Couple
Residential Status cf Childless Family
Residential Status nf Nuclear Family
Residential Status pf Poly Family
Residential Status ef Extended Family
Residential Status spf Single Parent Family
Residential Status br Blood Relative
Religion ath Atheist
Religion agn Agnostic
Religion bud Buddhist
Religion ces Cesidian
Religion chr Christian (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, etc.)
Religion con Confucianist
Religion gn Gnostic
Religion hin Hinduist
Religion mus Muslim
Religion jew Jewish
Religion shi Shinto
Religion wic Wiccan
Political Affiliation nlp National Liberal Party
Professional/Clerical abp Archbishop
Professional/Clerical acad Academic
Professional/Clerical admin Administrator
Professional/Clerical agri Agriculturalist/Farmer
Professional/Clerical amb Ambassador
Professional/Clerical assn Association
Professional/Clerical auth Author
Professional/Clerical ba Bachelor of Arts
Professional/Clerical bap Baptised
Professional/Clerical biz Business
Professional/Clerical bp Bishop
Professional/Clerical bro Brother
Professional/Clerical bs Bachelor of Science
Professional/Clerical cert Certificate/Certification
Professional/Clerical ch Chancellor
Professional/Clerical chap Chaplain
Professional/Clerical cit Citizen
Professional/Clerical civ Civilian/Civil
Professional/Clerical col Colonel
Professional/Clerical corp Corporation
Professional/Clerical counsel Counsellor
Professional/Clerical cr Copyright
Professional/Clerical cv Curriculum vitae
Professional/Clerical d Daughter
Professional/Clerical dd Diplomate's Degree
Professional/Clerical dec Deceased
Professional/Clerical deg Degree
Professional/Clerical dip Diploma
Professional/Clerical dipl Diplomat/Diplomatic
Professional/Clerical dns Domain name system
Professional/Clerical doc Document
Professional/Clerical dr Doctor
Professional/Clerical e East
Professional/Clerical eccl Ecclesiastical
Professional/Clerical entm Enterprise Mark
Professional/Clerical entn Enterprise Name
Professional/Clerical entr Entrepreneur
Professional/Clerical esq Lawyer
Professional/Clerical est Established
Professional/Clerical fa Father
Professional/Clerical fax Facsimile
Professional/Clerical fr Father (clergy)
Professional/Clerical gmt Greenwich mean time
Professional/Clerical gnp Gross national product
Professional/Clerical gov Governor
Professional/Clerical govt Government
Professional/Clerical hon Honourable
Professional/Clerical hsed High School Equivalency Diploma
Professional/Clerical id Identification
Professional/Clerical igo Intergovernmental organisation
Professional/Clerical int International
Professional/Clerical jd Doctor of Jurisprudence
Professional/Clerical llb Bachelor of Laws
Professional/Clerical lld Doctor of Laws
Professional/Clerical llm Master of Laws
Professional/Clerical lt Lieutenant
Professional/Clerical ltd Limited
Professional/Clerical ma Master of Arts
Professional/Clerical mm Medicine Man
Professional/Clerical mo Mother
Professional/Clerical mr Mister
Professional/Clerical mrs Mistress
Professional/Clerical ms Master of Science
Professional/Clerical msgr Monsignor
Professional/Clerical n North
Professional/Clerical ngo Non-government organisation
Professional/Clerical pat Patent
Professional/Clerical pd Professional's Degree
Professional/Clerical phd Doctor of Philosophy
Professional/Clerical pm Print Monopoly
Professional/Clerical pp Passport
Professional/Clerical prof Professor
Professional/Clerical prov Provost
Professional/Clerical rep Representative
Professional/Clerical rev Reverend
Professional/Clerical s Son/South
Professional/Clerical sc Science
Professional/Clerical sch Scholar
Professional/Clerical sd Scholar's Degree
Professional/Clerical sis Sister
Professional/Clerical sr Sister (clergy)
Professional/Clerical tel Telephone
Professional/Clerical tl Traditional Leader
Professional/Clerical w West
Native or Strong Language eng/en English [ISO 639-3 & ISO 639-1]
Native or Strong Language en-GB English (United Kingdom) [IETF language tag]
Native or Strong Language en-ugv English (UMMOA) [PDA language tag]
Native or Strong Language en-GB-oed English (Oxford English Dictionary) [IETF language tag]
Native or Strong Language en-US English (United States) [IETF language tag]
Native or Strong Language ita/it Italian [ISO 639-3 & ISO 639-1]
Native or Strong Language it-IT Italian (Italy) [IETF language tag]
Native or Strong Language it-ummoa Italian (UMMOA) [USPTO language tag]
Native or Strong Language it-CH Italian (Switzerland) [IETF language tag]
Native or Strong Language fra/fr French [ISO 639-3 & ISO 639-1]
Native or Strong Language ina/ia Interlingua (IALA) [ISO 639-3 & ISO 639-1]
Native or Strong Language rus/ru Russian [ISO 639-3 & ISO 639-1]
Education 1 Primary school diploma
Education 2 Secondary school diploma
Education 3 Associate's or Foundation degree
Education 4 Bachelor's or Diplomate's degree
Education 5 Master's or Professional's degree
Education 6 Doctorate's or Scholar's degree
Time Zone cmt UTC+1 or Cyberterra Mean Time
Time Zone utc UTC or Coordinated Universal Time
Time Zone wat UTC+1 or West Africa Time, or Congo-Kinshasa time
Currency or Scrip ctd Cyberterra dollar (other symbol: ₵)
Currency or Scrip usd United States dollar (other symbol: $)

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