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Who is the head of the House of Savoy? There is a dynastic dispute in the Italian House of Savoy between Vittorio Emanuele, the Prince of Naples, and Prince Amedeo, the Duke of Aosta. The head of The Tallini Family (TTF) has sided with Vittorio Emanuele in the past, and based on new evidence from an Italian article, continues to support his past position. On 11 November 1998, the head of The Tallini Family (TTF) wrote a letter, almost entirely in English, to the Italian Helsinki Committee, which made them understand that the Transitional and Final Provision XIII of the Italian Constitution, since it violated not one, but nine articles or partial articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, was a "Human Rights Minefield", or simply a "travesty of justice". The head of TTF has also intervened afterward with Italian politicians to allow the Savoy Royals to return to Italy. On 23 October 2002, or almost four years after the date of that letter, the provision in the Constitution of Italy that barred male members of the former royal house from returning to Italy was repealed. After signing an agreement recognising the Republic of Italy as the valid government of the state, and renouncing all claims to the defunct throne, Vittorio Emanuele was permitted to re-enter the country from 10 November 2002. It is clear who the Italian government saw as the head of the House of Savoy. The head of TTF also knows Vittorio Emanuele's son, Emanuele Filiberto, and even received beautiful Christmas cards from him and his wife, Clotilde Courau. You cannot acknowledge someone you don't know. However, a 19 December 2017 Italian article also confirms that Vittorio Emanuele, the Prince of Naples, would be the legitimate heir to the succession of the throne of Italy, if there was still the monarchy. In a document written on 5 December 1983, Guibert d'Udekeim, testamentary executor on the indication of King Umberto II writes: "The heirs appointed by King Umberto II recognise that Prince Vittorio Emanuele is head of the House of Savoy, and Grand Master of the Orders of the Most Holy Annunciation, and of Saints Maurice and Lazarus, and he is the depositary of the great collars of the first Order". The Tallini Family
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  • Who is the true Prince of the Kingdom of Araucanía and Patagonia? Jean-Michel Parasiliti di Para, reigning as Prince Antoine IV, was the political, not the societal head of the household of the Kingdom of Araucanía and Patagonia. He passed away on 16 December 2017, at the age of 75. The first news of this development has come from the societal head of the household recognised by the Cesidian Church, or HRH Prince Stanislas I (née Stanislas Louis Parvulesco), who was elected on 22 June 2014. The presence of a Holy Priest of the Roman Catholic Church, who can testify before the election and the oath of the Catholic Faith of a new Sovereign is required, and on 9 January 2014, Father Jean-Marc Fournier (IBP), chaplain of the Royal House, was still busy with the funeral of HRH Prince Philippe of Araucania (née Philippe Boiry). The same constitutional provisions prohibit that the Sovereign successor be designated as one of the members of the Board. The political testament left by HRH Prince Philippe, also made provisions for a regency lasting about six months (the Prince Regent was to be Baron Philippe de Lavalette over this period of regency). Prince Antoine IV (née Jean-Michel Parasiliti di Para), on the other hand, was ordained by no Catholic priest, but by the Regency Council. In other words, The Steel Crown is telling us essentially that a board or committee may properly ordain a "Catholic" king of Araucanía and Patagonia. In the United States, the place where The Steel Crown was published, non-religious boards or committees, as tax-exempt organisations approved under section 501(c)(3), may have the power or authority to prevent cruelty to cats and dogs, but they don't have the authority yet to even ordain cats and dogs legally-speaking. Moreover, the Kingdom of Araucanía and Patagonia is not a de jure or even de facto state, and it is not a legitimate religious organisation either. The Bishop and founder of the Cesidian Church, HMRD Cesidio Tallini, aka Kaisiris Tallini, however, possesses the full therapeutic-religious authority to judge such matters, since he has been divinely ordained through Melchizedek as a Non-Denominational Bishop, and through Christ as an Independent Catholic Bishop, but he has also been ordained through Pahana, the Messiah-to-come that even Native Americans await, as a Native American Medicine Man. Cesidian Church
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  • Who is the King of Redonda? The Wikipedia lists several kings of Redonda, even the famous Javier Marías; the former Micronational Professional Registry, now succeeded by Paradiplomatic Affairs, only recognised Giancarlo Ezio I di Montedoglio (née Giancarlo Ezio Noferi). The Micronational Professional Registry knew Giancarlo Ezio I di Montedoglio, and knew he was honourable. You cannot acknowledge someone you don't know, and another contender has attempted, without any success, to change the Micronational Professional Registry's position. Micronational Professional Registry
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