[maintained by Paradiplomatic Affairs (PDA)]

INT Code Element Type Α-1 Α-2 Α-3 Α-4 Α-5
Africa Continent   KA AKA    
Afro-Eurasia Continent   OW OWL    
Americas Continent   YH YAH    
Antarctica Continent   AQ ATA    
Antarctica Base, GEO Scientific Base     AQB    
Antarctica FM Agency       AQFM  
Anti-Antarctic Treaty System Organisation       AATS  
Aphrodite Island Island   AI      
Arctic Ocean Ocean     AKO    
Asia Continent   YG YNG    
Atlantic Ocean Ocean     ATO    
Australia Continent   AU AUS    
B. Cesidio Tallini (British or Corporate Name) Organisation     BCT MTKT SGNRS
Black (Black Racial Groups of Africa) Race   BK      
Brown (Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander) Race   BN      
Cabinda State   CB      
California Alumni Association Organisation     CAA    
Cesidian Religion     CES    
Cesidian Church Organisation     CCH    
Cesidian calendar Calendar       Ccal  
Cesidian holidays Holiday System       Chol  
Cesidian law Legal System       Claw  
Cesidian Root Organisation     CRT    
Chamber of Computer Logistics People Worldwide Organisation         CCLPW
China Country   CN CHN    
Christian (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, etc.) Religion     CHR    
Coordinated Universal Time Time Zone     UTC    
Cyberterra Dollar Currency   CTD    
Cyberterra Mean Time (UTC + 1 Hour) Time Zone     CMT    
Cyberterra Mean Time format Time Format       CMTF  
Cyberterra Mean Time standard Time Standard       CMTS  
Earth (Terra) Planet   TE TER   EARTH
Enterprise Mark Symbol   εμ      
Enterprise Name Symbol   εν      
Eurasia Continent   EY EYE    
Europe Continent   EU EUR    
Female Gender F        
Fifth World Community Inhabited Locality   5W 5WC    
Foreign and Commonwealth Office Ministry     FCO    
General Administration of Press and Publication Agency       GAPP  
Global Earth Oceans (Developing Region) Region   GO GEO    
Google Organisation G        
Hernici Tribe     8ED    
Holy Empire of Reunion Micronation     REU    
Indian Ocean Ocean     INO    
Indigo (Transracial or Other) Race I IR      
International (Metonym for UMMOA) Metonym     INT    
International Freelance Photographers Organization Organisation       IFPO  
International Media Organisation   IM      
Kingdom of Ourania State     KOU    
Male Gender M Website   MN      
Middlebury Institute Organisation   MI      
National Liberal Party (UK, 1999) Organisation     NLP    
Nations Without States Organisation     NWS    
North America Continent   YA YAN    
Norway Country   NO NOR    
Norwegian Nobel Committee Organisation     NNC    
Oceania Region   OC OCE    
Office of United Nations and Other International Organizations Office         UNOIO
Office of the Geographer, Ethnographer, and Linguist Office       OGEL  
Organization of Emerging African States Organisation       OEAS  
Ostaladon State     OST    
Pacific Ocean Ocean     PCO    
Paradiplomatic Affairs Agency   PD PDA    
PDA Patent Symbol π        
Penn State Alumni Association Organisation       PSAA  
Philippines Country   PH PHL    
Principality of Pontinha State   PP      
Print Monopoly Symbol   ⓅⓂ      
Privy Council Symbol   PC      
Red (Original Peoples of North and South America) Race R        
Region (Metonym for GEO) Metonym     REG    
Rif Independent Movement Nomadic Group     RIF    
Rose Ministries Organisation   RM      
Ryamecah Ethnic Nation   RY      
Saint René Descartes Saint       STRD  
Saint René Descartes University Societal Nation         STRDU
Salento State       SALE  
Scholar's Degree Academic Degree   SD      
South America Continent   HS HIS    
Southern Cameroons State     SCM    
Southern Ocean Ocean     AQO    
The Tallini Family Political Nation     TTF    
UMMOA FM Agency     UFM    
UMMOA Grammar and Vocabulary (UMMOA English) Language Variant   UGV    
UMMOA Grammar and Vocabulary Language Monitor Language Regulator         UGVLM
UMMOA IGO Agency       UIGO  
UMMOA PRO Agency       UPRO  
UMMOA Science Agency       USCI  
UMMOA Technology Agency         UTECH
UMMOA Trade Agency       UTRD  
UMMOA Treasury Agency         UTREA
United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago Political Party U GV UGV UGEO UMMOA
United Kingdom Country   GB GBR    
United States Country   US USA    
United States Patent and Trademark Office Agency         USPTO
University of Phoenix Alumni Association Organisation         UPXAA
White Race W        
Winnecomaq (or Winnecomac) Inhabited Area   WQ WNQ    
Yellow (Far East, Southeast Asia, or the Indian Subcontinent) Race Y        
INT Code Element Type Α-1 Α-2 Α-3 Α-4 Α-5