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Cesidio Tallini Bishop, Scholarch, Medicine Man, International Guru, Author, Cultural Creator Chaplaincy Certification, Certified Professional Chaplain Licence, Certificate of Non-Denominational Ordination, Certificate of Alternative Catholic Ordination, Certificate of Marriage Officiant Registration, Certificate of Non-Denominational Bishop Title, Certificate of Alternative Catholic Bishop Title, Cesidian Church Charter, Native American Church of the Nemenhah ITO Ministerial Practitioner Certificate, National Work Readiness Credential Certification No. 12799, Saint René Descartes Consecrator, Print Monopoly Developer, Scholar's Degree Developer, Cyberterra Mean Time Developer, Winnecomaq Flag Developer, Tribe Founder, University Founder, Government Body Founder, City Founder, Region Founder Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Contemplative Psychology, Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Theology Website
Flavio Melcarne IT Professional, Diplomat  :  : Website
Domenico Francesco Lucente Entrepreneur, Opinion Maker Former Mayor of the City of Crotone (Italy) Industrial Chemistry Diploma Facebook
Antonio Giannino Leonardo S.p.A. Officer, Civil Defence Volunteer Prince and Captain of Arms of his own Princely House Bachelor of Science in Education & Training Facebook